What We Give A Child

While education is the best gift one can give to a child, it is imperative to qualify what constitutes ‘good and wholesome’ education. A environment in which holistic education that nurtures the Hands, Head and Heart is given, ensures any investment in this kind of education will have a positive multiplier effect in society.


A few of the facets of the education on offer in our schools include –

Sprawling Campuses Set Amidst Nature

With an average acreage of 50 acres and located away from populated areas, amidst nature, these campuses offer the most conducive environment for a child to grow in.   

Completely Residential Modern Gurukulam

A fully residential environment provides an opportunity for the teachers to work on all aspects of a child’s development. The ‘guru-shishya’ traditions which run strong in these campuses are conducive for both imparting and receiving learning.

Self Reliance and the Ideal of Simple Living

The values of dignity of labour, frugal living are intrinsic to the life in the campus where children and staff practically run the campus on their own through various self-reliance programs. Maintaining vegetable gardens, campus dairy farm, campus upkeep is all done by the students.

Ecologically Sustainable Campuses

Children grow in an environment of being sensitive to nature and the environment they live in. Green campus initiatives, water sustainability through water harvesting, energy self sufficiency through harnessing solar power are some standard practices in the campuses.

State of the Art Infrastrucutre and Facilities

Offering something for free need not necessarily mean settling for the basic. Even while education is being provided at no charge, the facilities and the infrastructure are at par with modern standards. Libraries, Science Laboratories, Sports, computer centre – are all equipped with some of the best equipment.

Delivering the best of education, In the best possible way,

To bring out the best in students, For the best of the world.

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