Our Philosophy

FREE Education as a Service to Society:
  • Quality education is a fundamental right and not a privilege of a few who can afford it.

  • Education that is received as a gift from society is later put in the service of society vis-a-vis education being an investment in oneself for later pay back from society.

  • Brings greater responsibility and healthy dependency between individuals and society, through selfless giving – ‘All for One and One for All’.   

  • Education as a service to society, given free of cost, is steeped in this nation’s time tested Gurukula traditions.

Rural Focus:
  • We believe in the adage – ‘The growth of India lies in the growth of Bharath’.

  • All our educational campuses are set in the rural areas, which lack access to quality education.

  • 85% of seats in our schools are allocated to children from rural background.

Holistic Education:
  • The fully residential campuses are modelled as modern gurukulas where children live in close association with their teachers. This enables the teachers to work on all aspects of a child’s growth.

  • In addition to academic excellence, children are equipped with life skills. A foundation in values prepares them for life and not just for earning a living.

  • Community Living, Sports, Arts, Culture, Spirituality, Frugal Living, Societal Responsibility, Leadership Development, Self Reliance are all aspects ingrained in the life in the campus.

Society as a Stakeholder in Education:
  • The kind of education we give to our children today shapes the society of tomorrow. This makes society a stakeholder in the education of its children.

  • Education cannot be left entirely to the government and the private sector. Society has to be actively involved.

  • Every individual in society has to discern the kind of society he/she want to live in and invest in modeling a education system that will help us get there.

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Sri Sathya Sai Loka Seva Gurukulam,

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